ARTISTUN Industry is a crane manufacturer and supplier of first class crane components, offering long term material handling solutions to various industries throughout IRAN. With our head office in Tehran , we are able to service areas all over Iran.

By selecting ARTISTUN , you can be confident in your decision as we employ only the highest quality materials and components in all of our products. Over time we have mastered producing an extremely reliable, safe product, ensuring total compliance with current USA and Germany and Iran Standards and Government guidelines/ Regulations, as well as being competitively priced.

ARTISTUN GROUP is also experienced in the design and construction of cranes and hoists outside of the standard range. By careful selection of standard and custom made components, combined with custom engineering and designs, cranes of almost any capacity, lift height or speed can be produced cost effectively.
Our range of cranes includes Single and Double Girder Overhead Travelling Cranes (as commonly found in factories and the fabrication sector), Gantry/ Portal Cranes (generally used outdoors and commonly found in the Pre-Cast Concrete sector), Jib Cranes (both wall, and pillar as used for individual work area’s and stations) and Travelling Wall Cranes (a unique product which can work beneath the usual overhead travelling crane to provide additional handling possibilities). Furthermore we can also offer many added options such as radio remote controls, load indicators and Variable Speed Drives to name a few.

In addition to the sale and manufacture of cranes, ARTISTUN also have a Tehran and All Provinces Iran based service division with a team of experienced technicians who specialise in all aspects of crane installation, maintenance and repair of all brands, types and components. Specialty maintenance programs are also available.

In all ARTISTUN offer exemplary service, top quality, long term reliability, outstanding customer service and unbeatable after sales service. Please contact us to discuss your crane or hoist requirements.

Some of the many industries we serve include: Steel Fabricators, Machinery Manufacturers’, Engineering, Pre-Cast Concrete, Steel Warehouses, Boat/ Ship Builders, Stone / Marble, Glazing, Automotive, Aviation, Timber, and Plastic.